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Once upon a time, in a small city, lived two ambitious sisters Aditi and Nikita. Both having a Master's degree, were navigating successfully in corporate world. Despite their professional accomplishments, a different dream stirred - a desire to carve out their own path and build something of their own.


Their journey began unexpectedly one sunny afternoon while they were taking a break, when they noticed a lively squirrel gathering nuts. This sight sparked an idea to create a line of healthy snacks from nature's treasures. Thus, Snackalz was born.


From sourcing the finest ingredients to perfecting their recipes, they spared no effort in delivering excellence to their customers. As  Aditi and Nikita, poured their hearts into their growing business, the tiny squirrel that inspired them became more than just a mascot; it became a cherished part of their brand identity. A brand that stands as a testament to the power of sisterhood, entrepreneurship, and the joy found in a handful of simple, wholesome treats.


They offer a  range of finely crafted products that not only satisfy the taste buds but also nourish the body and soul. With their unwavering commitment to health and taste, they are on a mission to empower people to snack better and live better, one bite at a time.

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